Friday, April 17, 2009

Satan Speaks

Also, this was in a comment thread I found on Boing Boing today. It was in an entry about this pastor that got his ass kicked for standing up for his 4th amendment rights - it was a deeply disturbing video. Anyway, I loved the following comment, as I find I agree with it absolutely:

"It doesn't matter whether the thug has a badge or not. When someone with a gun and low intelligence tells you to do something, you do it - whether it's to fill the bag full of cash or open the door for an unreasonable search or be taken as a hostage in the high seas. You let the bully win that particular battle and live to fight another day whether that means killing them or taking them to court for civil rights violation. Every moment has a winner and loser and if you are not capable of defeating your enemy at a particular moment, you have to back down and comply, only so you can attack later. It is nature's law and when you're out there, the concept of God, Democracy, and your sense of righteousness are not effective weapons to get your way."

This was written, of all people, by someone using the handle Lucifer.

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