Thursday, November 13, 2008

Celebrity Cafe Listings

Ok - placing this here because it will be easiest for me to access it from and edit accordingly. Going to be hard-linking articles I'm writing for Celebrity Cafe, arranged in weeks. Mostly so I have a better idea how much time I'm putting into this - supposed to be ten hours/week - but in the case that any of my, oh, five followers are curious what the sound of your soul being sold is. Although I think this is mostly for my mother.

Last update: November 19

Music Reviews
Guggeinheim Grotto – Happy the Man
Plushgun – Pins and Panzers

wk 1: (2)
Interactive Disney Toys
Supreme Court Profanity Hearing

wk 2: (9)
GnR Pirate Pleads Guilty
Youtube + MGM
Batman Sues .. Batman?
Lindsay Lohan is a stupid bigot
George Strait owns CMAs
Casting Bond Girls
Mama Africa Dies
Some retard murderer retained
"Twilight" signing fun

wk 3:
Disney Does Some Shit with Imax
Twilight Might Unsurprisingly Suck
Marc Jacobs Did Something I don't Care About
People Get Fucking Stupid for Dumb Vampire Movies
Nonsense About Bond Estimates
Earlier Nonsense About Bond Estimates

wk 4:
Going to be Another Fucking "Twilight"
Lol Fuck Axl Rose
John Lennon ... is Forgiven?
Michael Jackson lol
SAG Strike
Bush Lets Some Guy Off the Hook
Celebrities are Awesome

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